*****NEWS FLASH****

Melissa Wagner
Last week we sent out a text message to pick up shifts for a chance at a drawing of 20 hours of PTO! 
Look for more ways to earn time off in the near future!!!


You are responsible to know your client sheets!  The best place to see what you are to do at a client's home is to use the AppointMate Companion and read your client notes!

On your phone (ANY PHONE) go to https://www.appointmate.com/companion

Make sure your location services are TURNED ON

Log in using the same log on you use for the regular Appointmate site.  ONLY the APPOINTMATE COMPANION gives you the access to your client information sheets!

If you have issues, please call the office or stop by the office with your phone and we will help set you up!



Remember to have your Progress Notes in by Monday at 10am for the previous week shifts.  Not having this done can result in that shift being paid via Minimum Wage.

Using the APPOINTMATE COMPANION will let you know on the client sheets if that client is due to have PROGRESS NOTES!


You CK Links

AppointMate Companion


Payroll Information


AppointMate Desktop




Great News!

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